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Benin Heads World with Fastest Cellphone Business Startups

The West African nation of Benin, better known for cotton export and fashionable clothing styles, is focusing on businesses this year as the government assists businessmen to develop their jobs in the post-corona world. And in this attempt, there’s a place for women as well. Sandra Idossou planned to start up a handcraft store in Cotonou. She tried online business as there were restrictions for working out in the pandemic. Finishing her registration process in with her cellphone, she joined  the UN platform named eRegistrations. Benin and Estonia are the fastest places in the world to launch businesses and are already preceding New Zealand, Georgia and Hong Kong. Laurent Gangbes, the head of Benin's investment and export Promotion agency which runs the website, talked proudly of the digital entrepreneurship. He said it allows businessmen and entrepreneurs to comfortably run their businesses with their phones at home. All the related procedures are facilitated and carried out by the government services. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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