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Electric Scooters Rentals; A Plan For Green Economy

The owner of the cycle repair startup Butternut Bikes, Gavin Hudson, started old bikes repair in a parking lot in London after the virus outbreak. Soon his new business grew dramatically. He believes that people have turned to walking and cycling after the pandemic as a healthy and green alternative for their cars. They have brought their old bikes out from storehouses to use in these hard days to support green economy while staying in good health conditions. Butternut Bikes is among many England businesses that have taken off following the pandemic. Lime has planned to give electric bicycles to as many as 20,000 people under a bike rental program. It has projected to distribute electric scooters in the UK in the near future. PwC, too, with its low-carbon transport plan, tries to expedite to cut back on emissions from large factories and build a green environment for workers. Steven Jennings, a partner at the global advisory firm PwC, states that isolation time has led to a spontaneous switch for companies and consumers alike to rebuild themselves for sustainability. In China, where bike manufacturers can’t seemingly supply the growing demand for bikes, second-hand e-bikes, renting, and sharing are perhaps the solutions ahead. Other countries, too, are now working on electric scooter rental plan. Samira H.

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By Saha on October 19, 2021


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