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Krone, Lemken's Joint Project in Tractor Market

Krone and Lemken companies, both located in Germany, have cooperatively ventured in develping an autonomous tractor. This is while neither has so far shown interest in getting into tractor category.

The two companies’ statement explains the outlines of the new project’s hardware and its functionality; the new product will be competitive in tractor industry.  

Combined Powers is the name of the joint project and design concept- which is an autonomous ‘process unit’, including a drive unit and various implements. Processes of cultivating, ploughing, sowing, mowing, tedding and raking were tested last year.

The drive unit devised to provide the incoming powers of the implements for the processes uses a diesel-electric drive generating up to 170kW. The machine drives the wheels through electric transmission.

Offering a sustainable solution to the workforce shortage in farming, the unit keeps farmers from long hours in the fields. Meanwhile, they are able to run the autonomous unit with quality work. 

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By Saha on March 18, 2022


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