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Secure Your Home And Business With Best CCTV Camera

What is CCTV camera?

A CCTV camera can create images or recordings for surveillance or other private objects. A camera can be either a video camera or a digital stills camera. The main use of a CCTV camera is to capture light and change it into a video signal. CCTV stands for closed-circuit television.

Invention and a brief history of CCTV camera:
You will be shocked to know that CCTV camera is a war-time invention during the World War II. It was used by Germany in 1942 for the first time. The system was invented by the engineer Walter Bruch. In the start, CCTV cameras were used to learn about weapons, not people. The first documented use of CCTV enabled the German military to watch rocket launches from inside a bunker. They could only watch through live streams — recordings became possible much later.
However, the U.S. government instantly picked up on this hot new wartime technology. Surveillance cameras allowed scientists to witness nuclear bomb testing without being in the thick of things. In 1949, a U.S. contractor named Vericon began selling this technology for commercial use.

CCTV camera
Different types of CCTV camera in the market:

The 9 most popular CCTV camera available in the market are:
• Dome CCTV Cameras
• Bullet CCTV Cameras
• C-Mount CCTV Cameras
• PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras
• Day/Night CCTV Cameras
• Infrared/night vision CCTV Cameras
• Network/IP CCTV Cameras
• Wireless CCTV Cameras
• High Definition (HD) CCTV Cameras
Are you wondering which camera is suitable for your business premises? We’ve summarized the advantages of each of the different types of CCTV systems below.

1. Dome CCTV Cameras:
A dome CCTV camera takes its name from the dome-shaped cover in which the camera places. While these are comparatively discreet CCTV cameras in appearance, this doesn’t stop them from warning criminals. The reason is that because of the dome-shaped casing; it becomes difficult for people to see which direction the camera is pointing.

Dome CCTV Cameras
•  Its discreet design means it’s easy to fit.
•  It is fit for indoor and outdoor use.
• Vandal-resistant dome means it is harder to intrude the camera
• 360-degree rotation of the camera so you can reach all angles
2. Bullet CCTV Cameras:
Bullet CCTV cameras have a quintessential design that is highly noticeable. They are cylindrical in appearance and can observe long distances.

•  This camera is highly visible so acts as a hindrance.
•  It is immune to dirt in challenging environments.
•  It provides surveillance over long ranges.
• The casing also protects against light and rain.

3. C-Mount CCTV Cameras:
C-Mount CCTV cameras are the best option for those who may wish to accommodate the field of vision. They are provided with detachable lenses that can be turned around to monitor different distances.

•  You can apply special lenses to the camera to increase its range beyond 40 feet.
• It has a highly visible look that hinders criminals.
•   You can add Robust camera casing to guard the camera in cold environments.
•  Its Weatherproof protection makes it perfect for outdoor use.

4. PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras:
With a PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) camera, your security team can have full command over what is recorded. With just a button, the camera lens can move left and right, tilt up and down or zoom in and out.

• Optical zoom on these cameras lets you focus closely on subjects
• Pan and tilt feature gives a 360-degree field of vision
• The image resolution usually is excellent so that facial features can be seen
• Security team have full control of recording and can respond to live circumstances
5. Day/Night CCTV Cameras:
These cameras have been built primarily to work effectively, regardless of how well-lit their surrounding is. During both day and night-time, they will record crystal-clear video. Differing light conditions will not obscure that recording.

•  They do clear recording in low light conditions.
• They normally record in both color and black and white.
•  They can easily function despite light, direct sunlight, reflections, and dim lighting.
• The casing protects the camera against the elements for outside surveillance.

6. Infrared/night vision CCTV Cameras:
As the name suggests, these cameras are designed to operate most favorable in pitch black conditions. They accomplish this by using infrared technology. Infrared cameras are pricier than day/night cameras.

• They have infrared LEDs that provide clear recording even in pitch-black conditions.
• They can capture images even during fog, dust or smoke
• They Record color video in the daytime and black and white at night
7. Network/IP CCTV Cameras:
These cameras share live footage over the internet so they can be easily reached anywhere on the globe.

•  You can view Live footage online from anywhere in the world.
•   Their archive footage is easily available.
• You can set them easily as coaxial cables and a computer station is not needed.
•  They have very low maintenance.
8. Wireless CCTV Cameras:
Wireless CCTV cameras were designed to reduce installation time. They also make the look of the camera much more orderly.

• Easier to install than your standard CCTV system
• Discreet and tidy look and a less intrusive fitting
• Videos broadcasted over the internet to be seen anywhere
• Safe storage and easy access to archive footage
9. High Definition (HD) CCTV Cameras:
HD CCTV cameras give high clarity images and videos. Depending on your resources, they can deliver resolutions of 720p, all the way up to 4K.

• High definition pictures capture in perfect clarity
• Extra clarity can also be attained with zoom function
• Available on most CCTV designs such as domes and bullets
• Explicit imagery provides an undeniable criminal description

What to look for in good quality CCTV cameras?

Until now, You must have an idea about different types of CCTV cameras and should have made a mind which model suits you. Here's a quick guide about what things to look for in the camera for your purpose.

For a CCTV to be effective, the security cameras used must be of excellent resolution. This is one of the many advantages of modern types of CCTV compared to analogs. Newer versions of CCTV are now capable of capturing color videos clearer as well.

Some cameras can take quality images during the daytime, but if you wanted something for night time, go for night-vision security cameras. These models can still record videos even without light in the area.

It would be best if you also determine the angles of the lens that fits your needs best. This is because the types of the lens of the security cameras you use can greatly affect how wide your scope of surveillance will be is.

You want your CCTV to last long, of course. Thus, it would help if you choose the type that can withstand the different factors or those designed to withstand hot weather, snow, and even rain.

Top 10 CCTV camera brands in the world:

Top ten brands in the world are:
i. Samsung
ii. Sanyo
iii. Sony
iv. Avtech
v. Zicom
vi. Panasonic
vii. Honeywell
viii. LG Electronics
ix. Schneider Electric
x. Godrej

 Price Features





$15 each

  • Don't record anything but give the appearance of a surveillance system.



  • Designed to mount to a ceiling.
  • Offer both a wide range of view and options for movement control.



  • Can fit anywhere, from a photo frame to a smoke detector
  • Commonly used indoors
  • Can replace a door peephole



  • Easy to find in stores
  • Small size


$100 with installation

  • Large standalone with a box shape used outside the home.
  • Durable and visible


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