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Deltacorn Identified by Cyprus Researcher

A fresh variant of the coronavirus, a combination of delta and omicron variants, has been discovered by professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus.

Leondios Kostrikis named the virus deltacron as it has genetic signatures resembling omicron and delta genomes, according to Bloomberg. Up to now, 25 cases of the virus have been identified by Kostrikis and his group.

For now, it’s not clear if more cases of deltacron exist and what impacts the virus might have. In the interview with Sigma TV on Friday, Kostrikis said he and his team will soon check whether the combined virus is more infectious or pathological and whether it will gain ascendancy over delta and omicron variants.

This week, the findings of the researchers’ team were sent to GISAID, a global science initiative and primary source providing data on viruses.

The new variant is discovered amidst omicron’s fast expansion throughout the world and a noticeable global rise in Covid-19 cases. Recent CNBC’s analytical report from Johns Hopkins University indicates in an average week over 600,000 new cases a day are reported in the U.S. This reveals a jump of 72% compared to a week ago.

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By Saha on January 9, 2022


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