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Switzerland's Zug Trade Fair Opens October 22

Zug trade fair, the largest and booming autumn exhibition in Central Switzerland, starts this year’s work on Saturday, according to the official organizers. The 49th ZUGER MESSE is held from 22nd of October and will last till 30th. 

The significant 9-day trade fair presents products and services, covering a wide variety of products in different industries. The annual exhibition offers a wide range of highlights in food, consumer products, furnishing, and plenty more.

Goods in wide areas are covered including beauty and makeup, jewelry accessories, health & wellness, sports, bath, home & garden, media, transport and so many more.

The amazing show hall offers gastronomy and daily entertainment so visitors of the fair can visit the fashion show, Dixie matinee, and so on. Mobiliar Kinderland has focused on Halloween. Kids can do fun activities like creating crafts, playing, and painting. Amazing dance artists welcome visitors when it’s showtime. 

It is possible for the attendees to park in different places as every half an hour a shuttle bus serves the Siemens car parks.

There are 2 Zuger Kantonalbank ATMs available at the exhibition’s entrance.

The fair is open to both professional participants and the public. 

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By Samira Ha. on October 23, 2022


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