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Effective Colors for Branding

Colors always offer a broad concept in the viewers ‘eyes, something which almost all people are ignorant of. Nicte Cuevas, an award-winning Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer, said colors convey emotions and if the colors fail to stimulate emotions, they won’t really connect. Selecting proper colors for the commercial cards, websites, and various things will develop a connection between your customers and your business. She suggests 4 colors to achieve the effect your business wants to have on customers. The favorite classic blue, according to her, is repeatedly used in main world brands. This color drives a sense of composure and peacefulness. So, businesses, which want to attain customers’ trust, can easily count on its various tones. Peach is a cool option if you wish to create a connection between the customer and his surroundings. They will feel connected to the community with reduced anxiety. Next is orange, a beautiful color to stimulate a sense of creativity and imagination, she added. Aqua (aquamarine) is a powerful hue, symbolizing water. She asks business people to add aqua tones when designing their brands. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021


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