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Düsseldorf Wire Trade Show: June 20-24, 2022

Wire Düsseldorf, the international trade fair, is a showcase platform for wires and cables suppliers and manufacturers. Being held from June 20 to 24, the professionally-designed exhibition deals with the most update technology on cables and wires, companies’ specialty products along with innovations and wire-processing machines.

The one-of-a-kind trade show introduces products including cables, cable materials, auxiliary materials, measuring instruments, control units, controllers, wire manufacturing machines, spring making machines, wires, wire materials, wire processing machines and so on.

Exhibitors and manufacturers from around the world come here together to exchange information about new developments and technology in the business.

The reliable exhibit with expertise on wires and cables offers a variety of the products in the industry and serves for industrial sectors in “Automation, Electrical, Electronics, Machine Construction, Plant Engineering, etc.”

The 5-day wire fair, June 20 to 24, is held in Düsseldorf, the international business and financial center in Germany. If your occupation is related to this biennial fair, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the place and meet with professional experts on the field.

For further information, you can simply go to the site and explore the exhibit’s plans on your own.

Düsseldorf Wire Trade Show

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By Saha on June 20, 2022


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