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Toyota, BYD To Launch BZ3 in China

Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation has planned to join BYD Automotive manufacturer in order to make and sell electric vehicles (EV) in China by the end of 2022, according to sources.

Toyota Corp will begin to manufacture and sell the compact electric sedan in the largest automobile market worldwide.

Toyota bZ3 (among Beyond Zero series) will only be offered in China. 

The vehicle is fueled by Blade batteries, which are made by BYD. 

Toyota, which had scheduled to introduce the bZ3 in the Beijing Auto Show back in the month of April, had to put it off due to the Covid pandemic. The new EV is almost the same size as a Toyota Corolla with larger back seats. The thinner Blade battery from BYD has brought the smaler vehicle much comfort. BYD’s thinner lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) Blade battery technology has contributed to designing a small, yet comfortable car. A usual Blade pack is about 10 centimeters thick, with modules laid flat on the floor. It is 5-10cm thinner than other packs.

The bZ3’s price is not fixed yet but it might be almost 200,000 yuan ($28,000), according to the same sources. Each year, 30,000 bZ3 vehicles will be produced in China’s Tianjin plant, which is run by Toyota and China FAW Group Corp. 

The bZ3 is good-looking; the front of the car is probably the most amazing part. Toyota's new vehicle debut will take place in Guangzhou Auto Show in November and the electric car will get  into China's market by the end of the year. 

Toyota's bZ4X sport-utility car, the first bz vehicle, was supposed to be launched in China’s market earlier this year. However, the car’s recall in the world caused a delay in its production. 

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By Samira Ha. on September 30, 2022


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