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Why Clipboard is Important for Daily Use

What is the Clipboard?

A clipboard is a slim, hard board with a clip at the top for holding the paper in place. A clipboard is used to hold the paper with one hand while writing on it with the other when other writing surfaces are not available.

Clipboards can be formed from a type of material, including but not limited to, PVC, hardboard, aluminum polypropylene, High Impact Polystyrene, and Foamex. Clipboards usually come in two separate designs—folding or single. Single clipboards are the more traditional type and consist of a single piece of rigid material and some fixing mechanism along the top. Folding clipboards are constructed from a single piece of flexible PVC with two rigid materials enclosed within. A folding hinge connects the two sections to allow the front to be folded over the content to provide protection and often to let some promotional print or instructions. Folding clipboards also offer additional benefits because of the extra space available, allowing the incorporation of pen holders and pockets for storage.

Different Types of Clipboard

Storage clipboards
Storage clipboards have compartments for paperwork. Storage clipboards compartments allow for easy transport of needed papers and to protect those papers. They may also feature one or several compartments for writing implements. Some versions feature a linked panel to slide between parts of a two-sided multi-part form.

Armored clipboards
In some cases, police have been issued with armored clipboards.

In National Football League, backup players, especially the quarterback, are seen on the sidelines taking a clipboard. Football analysts often use the notion of "carrying a clipboard" as an object of ridicule, indicating that said football player is not good enough to play on the field.

Market Research
Some people will have encountered someone in a shopping mall, using a clipboard to record their opinions on life aspects, ranging from products through to politics. This is called market research, which includes opinion polls and social research and provides a formal mechanism for gathering information about people or organizations to support decision or policy making. Such information is a critical factor in companies maintaining competitiveness or for governments delivering services that people need.

Medical Clipboards
Although paper charting is less generally used in hospitals, medical specialists regularly need to document report as they work. Whether you work in a doctor’s office or a hospital, patients need to sign reports and medical professionals need to record information on-the-go!

How to Use Clipboards in the Classroom
Clipboards can be a fun tool for students to use during their day. Check out some great ideas on how to use clipboards in the classroom.
Using clipboards in the classroom is an excellent plan for students who flourish away from a desk. Rather than forcing your students to sit in the same spot all day, you can let them break and roam around. Let them use a clipboard to get ahead on homework or take notes. You can also use these clipboards to hold announcements, assignments, or sign-up sheets.

Independent Writing
After teaching a mini-lesson for writers’ workshops, give students the option of writing around the room. They grab a clipboard, find a comfortable space, and focus on writing. Now, of course, you will need to model this and set clear expectations.
With clipboards in hands, students move around the room and use classroom resources. One student may check out the word wall while another student pulls a remedy from your writing station.

Small-Group Activities
So many teachers talk about how they run their little gatherings on the floor. This is the perfect opportunity to use clipboards to keep those wonderfully-copied means from being punctured by pencils. You could also use sheet protectors and dry-erase markers to save paper! If you want to get fancy, you can purchase these reusable dry-erase pockets.

Outdoor Classroom
I have a friend who taught at a school with an outdoor classroom and would take her class outside throughout the year. They would go out with their clipboards and whatever they were working on to enjoy some fresh air. The kids loved it! You also use clipboards for fun nature lessons.

Year after year, we see a more significant push for the use of technology in classrooms. It’s great when students can use technology to support what we are teaching. Use clipboards for a writing activity that helps student learning on devices. They can quickly move around the room during centers or other learning times.

Whole-Group Lessons
Students use clipboards at the carpet through whole-group education. Once again, it’s a quick way for you to see who understands the concept and who may need a little more support. I always felt like I had better control, and my students were more engaged when we were all together on the carpet.
Clipboard organization ideas

Hang them on the wall:
If you’re using a standard clipboard clip, you can keep your clipboards orderly by hanging them all on the wall.
Keep them in a storage bin or bucket:
Label a bin ‘Clipboards’! Whenever a student completes using a clipboard, they put it into the bin.

Buy a clipboard holder:
If you’re using clipboards in a classroom, you want to buy several, but a gadget will be complete for managing your clipboards.

The Basics of the clipboard
There are two parts to recognize when you’re buying a clipboard: the board and the clip. While any clipboard might meet your needs, it’s best to be informed of all the options you have when you’re choosing one to purchase.
The Board
You have a plethora of board materials to choose from. One is not necessarily better than the other; instead it comes down to your personal preference.

The Clip
When you choose a clipboard, you have two clip style choices. Both styles are easy to find.

Standard Clips
These clips have a full mouth so they can hold a lot more paper. However, this clip style protrudes out from the board, and it may not slide so smoothly in and out of your bag. They can also hang on a wall because of the small hole.

Low-Profile Clips
Low-profile clips lay flat against your board; so they fit much more readily into a bag or a drawer. Nothing sticks out; so you don’t have to worry about the board getting caught on anything. Unlike standard clips, a low-profile clip doesn’t typically have a loop or hole on the top, meaning that low-profile clips are not as wall-friendly. They can still hang on the wall, but you’ll have to attach the board to the wall.

What is the Price Range of a Clipboard
• Storage Clipboards with Side Opening $6.88 to $11.99
• Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box $10.58 to $17.98
• Saunders 21517 Recycled Aluminum Clipboards $6.33 to $11.40
• Nursing Storage Clipboards $4.50 to 17.99
• Zippered Leather Business Portfolio clipboards $16.25 to $19.99

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