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Life Saving Health Benefits of Coconut

Are you tired of being forced to drink liters and liters of water a day just to stay hydrated and healthy? If I were to tell you that coconut is a natural water filter superfood full of more electrolytes than any other resource found in nature. This means that young coconut water is equivalent to 250 ml of water and the best hydrator ever provided by Mother Nature. I used to fill water bottles every day, and if my day were good I would finish only one thing. Drinking this miracle of young coconut can also cure your hangover! Instead of drinking a glass of water with every glass of wine, you can also drink coconut water. Now you can free and refresh the hangover. Coconut water and coconut oil have their separate benefits:

Benefits of Young Coconut Water:

  • Excellent for rehydration
  • It has cooling effects on your body
  • It helps to soothe and prevent skin eruptions and rashes when applied to the skin.
  • Outstanding nutrition source for infants
  • It improves muscle and physical growth in children

Prevent and facilitate cholera with the presence of organic sodium and albumin in coconut water. Eliminate the pain of kidney stones by fighting Nano-bacteria and increasing bad calcium in the kidneys. Blood plasma is used as a substitute because it is sterile and accepted by the body. 

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

  • It improves your digestive system and absorbs amino acids and fat-dissolvable vitamins
  • Protects your immune system through fighting off viruses, bacteria, and fungal overgrowth
  • Improve blood sugar levels and decrease symptoms of hypoglycemia
  • It helps your body to absorb magnesium and calcium more
  • Consist out of 90% and more raw saturated fat, an important building block of every cell in your body.
  • Help to balance and support healthy hormone function
  • Improve thyroid function, which will help your body to shake off the excess weight and toxins
  • Improve your metabolism, which will help you to lose weight and feel more energized
  • It supports your cardiovascular system and contains no cholesterol

Health Benefits of the Entire Coconut on Your Body: Keeps Your Heart Healthy: This great superfood provides your body with medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) which is very important for overall good health. This means that the MCFA that is in this powerful superfood has no negative effect on your cholesterol levels and reduces the chances of atherosclerosis, which causes the walls of your arteries to thicken. And they cause heart disease. This nutritious diet will protect you from all these heart diseases and will help you to beat your heart healthy! Improves Your Digestive System:  Coconut contains 61 dietary fibers, which already indicates the amazing benefits of using this great superfood. This will reduce constipation, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and fullness. This superfood is also indigestible, which means it has no calories. It means that the roughness of the coconut flesh cleans your colon and gets released. So, don't think that it will actually block your colon or have no benefit if it doesn't get digested. Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels: Coconut has a low glycemic index (GI), that it slows down the release of glucose in your blood and requires less insulin to balance your glucose levels and converts it into energy. This low GI superfood helps your body to relieve stress on your pancreas and enzyme structures in your body. This will prevent the world's most popular disease known as diabetes. The low GI content will also make you feel fuller for longer because it releases energy slow that keeps you going through the whole day. This will prevent you from having sugar cravings during the day! Lowers Your Cholesterol: The rate of high cholesterol and heart disease increases every day and more people are becoming aware of it. People are moving to the most natural way of eating to overcome their illnesses. This palm-tree superfood is the best approach because it doesn't contain any cholesterol! Actually, it helps to balance your cholesterol levels. It contains lots of sutured fats that raise HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and decrease LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol).

 Improves Your Thyroid Function: Consumption of this nutritious superfood will improve and restore your thyroid function and increase your metabolic rate. This will prevent weight loss and prevent thyroid symptoms. If you are already on thyroid medicine, see your doctor first if you have a program for the healing properties of coconut. Thyroid medications play a huge role in metabolism. So be careful and see your doctor.

Coconut Products You Should Purchase:

Now that you know all the great benefits of this life-changing superfood, you need to know what types of products are available and which ones you should buy and look out for

Brown Coconuts:

Before choosing this brown-haired coconut, first, take a look at the three holes on one side, and then make sure it has covered in mold. If it is, choose another that is clean and free of mold.

Young Coconut Water:

Always use the cardboard container products rather than the aluminum containers, because the aluminum is very toxic and has been suspected to cause Alzheimer's disease.

Coconut Oil:

Choose coconut oil in amber glass, as the oil's solvent properties can leak into plastic containers.

Coconut Cream/Butter:

Whether the product is from stone-ground, coconut flakes, or conched copra, it will still contain coconut fiber. Coconut cream should be thick and cream cheese should have a certain flavor. It has fewer calories than any other nut butter.

1. How to Open a Coconut and Use it:

You can use a butcher's knife or a machete to open and cut any young coconut. Keep your fingers away from the blade, or you may injure yourself. To drink the young coconut water, chop only the 1/4 of the coconut open. Now that the coconut is open, you can add a straw and enjoy the taste.

2. How to Get the White Flesh:

After enjoying the coconut water, cut the coconut in half. Use a spoon and spoon out the young, fresh meat.

Which country is the Biggest Importer of the Coconut?

Thailand (210K tonnes) and Malaysia (199K tonnes) were the largest importers of coconuts, reaching approx. 31% and 30% of total imports, respectively. China (60K Tonnes) ranks next in terms of the total imports with a 9% share, followed by the U.S. (5.7%)

Biggest Exporter of Coconut

Indonesia is the biggest exporter of coconuts in the Globe, with the volume of exports amounting to 290K tonnes, which was near 52% of total exports in 2018. Thailand (70K tonnes) took the second position in the ranking, followed by Viet Nam (57K tonnes).

What is the Price Range of Coconut?

Coconut Size available Min Price Max Price
Large $0.095 /Piece $0.24 /Piece
Medium $0.071/Piece  $0.21/Piece

Name: Muzammil. Revised Date: 14-07-2020

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