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Robots And Coronavirus

These hard days, robots have unusually come to assist people in their fight against the pandemic virus. One is a Boston Dynamics robot which controls social distancing and gives out medications in parks in Singapore. The robotic yellow-colored dog carries sensors and cameras to detect non-careful law breakers and play recorded warnings to visitors of the park.

In Milton Keynes, an amazing robot is delivering foodstuff and groceries to hungry inhabitants. The six-wheeled machines at a speed of 4 mph help the residents with their needs of shopping. Likewise, UVD robots, made in Denmark, assist the Chinese hospital personnel to sanitize patients’ rooms. These robots carry hazardous UV lights, which wipe out the DNA or RNA of any microorganisms. Of course, they do it when the personnel aren’t there. Not supposed to be last, Rwanda's 5 anti-epidemic robots, manufactured by the Belgian company Zora Bots, are able to spot people with no masks on, take patients' temperature, as well as checking unusual change in patients' voice or face. These helpful machines can hand out the essential medicine to the patients. The companies across the globe have started their serious attempt on their battle against the deadly virus. Robots manufacturing, growing fast in developed countries, seems to be among the measures some governments are earnestly considering. Samira H.

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By Saha on October 19, 2021


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