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Boeing Struggling with Low Demand

The Boeing company reported of delivering 26 airplanes in January. The delivery involved 21 “737 Max planes”. Orders will still be canceled due to a strike by the pandemic. A pileup of the company’s planes, ordered but not delivered yet, reached 4,016 at the end of January. The aerospace company continued with delivery of beleaguered jets to airways in the month of December following annulling 20-month grounding due to dual crashes resulting in 346 deaths.

The delivery of 787 Dreamliners were also postponed due to their issues with seams. Boeing, however, last month announced it would restart their deliveries in the first quarter. The American aerospace company encountered problems with 737 Max or the 787 Dreamliner production as demand lowered in the wake of the coronavirus.

Samira H.

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By Saha on October 19, 2021


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