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Device to Help With Sign Language

A new wearable device has come to translate American sign language to words or phrases. Designed by UCLA bio-engineers, a pair of gloves with sensors, made of electrically conducting yarns, turn sign language into words. The sensors detect hand moves and finger replacements, representing letters, numbers and words. Designers believe this device helps people who use sign language to directly communicate with others. Apart from the deaf community, it also helps all people to learn sign language themselves. The gloves function system sounds simple: stretchable sensors in each finger change the hands movements into electrical signals, transferred to a tiny circuit board round the wrist. The board, in turn, sends the signals to a smartphone, which deciphers them to words and phrases at a quick span of time. Much more efficient compared to its old, big, heavy counterparts, the newly-designed gloves are comfortable to put on. Made from light, durable polymers, they don’t cost much either. Samira H.

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By Saha on October 19, 2021


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