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Carlsberg To Test Green Beer Bottles Across Europe

Carlsberg Group Brewing company is going to test its recyclable fiber beer bottles in Europe. Made of a wood-based fiber shell and plant-based polyethylene Furanoate (PEF) polymer liner, 8000 bottles will be taken as samples in countries such as France, the UK, and Poland. According to the Danish multinational brewer, these bottles, like glass bottles, maintain the same “taste and fizziness”. They are able to retain the cold beer for a longer time.

The newly-designed bottles are bio-based (excluding the cap). However, it is planned to offer the bottles with sustainable plastic cap next year.

It has been a big challenge to recognize and produce PEF as a container for beers, said Stéphane Munch, the Vice President Product Development at Carlsberg Group. He also said it will be a big achievement to attain good results after trials, work with suppliers and see bottles on the filling line.

The brewery company, he said, will continuously collaborate with its partners including Avantium, the innovative company in renewable chemistry and producer of PEF, as well as with Packaging and Containers Manufacturing Paboco, producer of outer shell of the bottle. They will help the company with developing beer packaging.

Since 2015, Carlsberg Group has been cooperating with its partners to design the bottles.

With the best beer in the global market, Carlsberg is trying to produce beer with barley malt grown by fully-organic and regenerative agricultural methods cooperating with Soufflet, the French agri-food group which supplies barley malt.

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By Saha on June 22, 2022

Global Refiners Struggle To Meet Fuel Demand

Global refiners are facing challenges to meet the demand for fuels like diesel and gasoline worldwide, which has increased prices and worsened shortages in big countries like the U.S. and small ones like Sri Lanka. 

Although global demand for fuel has reversed to the levels before the Covid-19, things like closures due to pandemic, Russian sanctions, along with export limits in China have caused problems for meeting demand throughout the world. China and Russia are among the largest refining countries, preceded by the United States. They are all under peak processing levels and the efforts by world governments have been fruitless to reduce prices by releasing crude from oil reserves.  

Following the pandemic closures, fuel margins were disappointing two years ago. Even though the situation has rebounded, the burden could continue in the next few years, with high prices.

According to Ravi Ramdas, managing director of energy consultancy Peninsula Energy, global oil demand was not expected to drop for a long time after the pandemic; however, there was a huge amount of refining capacity, which was reduced permanently.

In 2021, refining capacity worldwide dropped by 730,000 barrels per day (bpd), the first reduction within 30 years, said the International Energy Agency. Daily processed barrels tumbled to 78 million bpd in the month of April, under the average 82.1 million bpd before the outbreak.

For seven consecutive quarters, fuel stocks have seen a drop. The crude oil price is over 51% this year, with the U.S. heating oil futures up 71%. Recent margins for gasoline refining in Europe beat a record at $40 per barrel.

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By Saha on June 1, 2022

Singapore's Air Travel Recovery

Singapore’s air travel is in the status of recovery, having reached about the levels before the pandemic, although there are border restrictions imposed by China, said Transport Minister S. Iswaran. Passenger transport in China is important for Singapore’s travel industry, according to him. Data from the local tourism board shows that about 3.6 million Chinese people visited Singapore in 2019, which equals 13% of the total visitors.

The trend continued over the health crisis and China was the top country on the travelers’ list.

However, this might change following diffusing border measures in other countries. Only 5,000 Chinese visitors visited Singapore in the month of April, which accounts for less than 2% of total arrivals.

China’s restrictions are still in place and visitors to China have to go through Covid-19 tests and be quarantined.

At the World Economic Forum, Iswaran told CNBC on Wednesday that nonetheless, travel will possibly develop.

He said “We’ve seen a significant rebound in air travel coming through Singapore, in the space of less than two months from mid-March to mid-May”.

According to him, air travel in Singapore has seen a more than double growth to over 40% of the pre-Covid period. It is expected that this momentum will keep going, he added.  

Inoculated visitors from selected countries were permitted to visit the country without any quarantine as of September 2021. The island city-state has removed Covid tests for vaccinated visitors, easing domestic Covid restrictions.

About 92% of Singapore’s residents have been vaccinated, with 76% who have received booster doses.


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By Saha on May 27, 2022

Vietnam to Lift Covid-19 Curbs on International Flights

Vietnam has planned to lift the pandemic restrictions on international traveler flights as of February 15, with a limitless number of flights, Tuoi Tre newspaper announced on Sunday. Having imposed strict border restrictions as soon as the pandemic struck the world, the country faced a challenge in its tourism industry, accounting for almost 10% of GDP.

The state-run newspaper cited Dinh Viet Son, Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, saying, the country is going to remove restrictions on international flights as of Feb. 15 and the number of flights will be again as frequent as it was before the pandemic.

Vietnam has been working with 15 markets on international flights since 2022, loosening up isolation measures. Currently, vaccinated passengers have to be self-isolated for only 3 days.

The number of Covid-19 cases in Vietnam is about 2.5 million since the outbreak; with a death toll of 39,000.

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By Saha on February 13, 2022

5 Top Countries for Travelers: Holidu

Holidu vacation rental website has provided a fresh list for travel enthusiasts. The site’s Cross-Country Road Trip Index in December examined factors for good trips including road quality, gas price range, and scenery in 118 countries, considering UNESCO World Heritage Sites in a specific country as well as the cities among the top 100 world ranking.  

So, here is the list of top 5 countries you shouldn’t miss:

First on the list goes the United States which features 29 of the top 100 cities across the world with diverse striking scenery including forest, deserts, glaciers, mountains and so many more.

Second is Mexico with 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is famed for fantastic beach resorts and diverse culture.

Canada comes next highlighting its natural assets like national parks. The roads of the country are ranked high. Best cities to visit are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

No wonder, Malaysia has a place on the list, too. This is the only Asian country among the best five. Food and fuel prices are reasonable and accommodation is pretty affordable in Malaysia.

Last but not least comes Argentina as the fifth on the list. Bueno Aires, its capital, has got a lot to offer from its cobblestone streets to lively boulevards.

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By Saha on January 31, 2022

South Africa Imports Plastic Waste

The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) of South Africa announced applications are set up to import plastic waste to meet the country’s requirements in plastic business.

Plastic imports will be controlled based on the regulations in the Basel Convention, said DFFE Minister Barbra Creecy. Basel Convention is an international contract for avoiding transfer of hazardous waste between countries. He said South Africa's current systems have been workable to dramatically cut plastic waste, particularly practical to keep it away from the ocean. In this regard, head of Communications, Albi Modise, said all plastic waste imported into the country will be recycled. 

South Africa used the convention to justify itself from not contributing to an international treaty which addresses Full Life Cycle of Plastics.

However, 34 countries in the African continent have legislated the law to forbid consuming plastic bags, disposable water sachets as well as coffee cups.

 Greenpeace, a campaigning corporation using creative, non-violent ways to tackle the environmental challenges in the world, labeled the country as the 3rd worst lawbreaker against plastic waste accumulation in Africa.

Seemingly, the environment department of South Africa only thinks of its own benefits as far as plastic threats are concerned.

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By Saha on January 31, 2022

Recovery of Singapore's Tourism

The Singapore Tourism Board announced good news on the recovery of its tourism sector. Tourism receipts made it to an estimated $1.9 billion Singapore dollars last year, with 330,000 visitor arrivals, the data from the country’s tourism board declared.

Even though, the figures are low compared to 2020, with 2.7 million visitors.

From 2020 through 2021, the tourism industry in Singapore set down overall year-over-year slump in the number of visitors and tourism expenditures, which happened following great tourism work within January and February 2020.  

The country’s borders were shot down in March 2020 to avoid the surge of covid-19 cases.

The Singapore Tourism Board declared growth in tourism in the last three quarters of 2021. The rate of international tourists jumped 221% over this time in comparison with the same period in 2020.

China, India and Indonesia accounted for the major sources of international tourists who visited Singapore in 2021.

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By Saha on January 25, 2022

Record Investment in Space Firms in 2021

The recent report by New York-based firm Space Capital states that private investing in space companies hit a record in 2021. Private investment in space companies reached $14.5 billion last year, up over 50% from that of 2020. Sierra Space, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and Planet Labs invested a record of $250 million.

Investment in space field is categorized ininfrastructure, distribution and application” the report said. Infrastructure or space companies include those that make satellites and rockets. Space Capital monitors 1,694 firms; they have totally received $252.9 billion through world's equity investments in all three categories since 2012.   

There was a record investment by venture capital companies in three categories, the quarterly report emphasized. 

Last year, venture investment in space-related companies stood at $17.1, representing 3% of overall global venture capital, the report underlined. The public markets are undergoing a change as technology and stocks are struck by rising interest rates. Chad C. Anderson, Founder and Managing Partner of Space Capital, expressed concern over this saying that if selloff in the public markets continues, it might not be easy for venture companies to raise investment like in 2021.

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By Saha on January 18, 2022

UN's Forecast on Low Economic Growth in 2022, 2023

On Thursday, the United Nations stated its prediction report on the decreasing state of global economic development for the consecutive years 2022 and 2023 as the entire world deals with issues like coronavirus spread, continual workforce market, rooted supply chain, as well as high inflation challenges. According to the U.N, the global economy forecasts growth of 4% and 3.5% in 2022 and 2023, respectively. The highest rate of growth in global economy was seen in 2021 after over four decades, 5.5%.

Liu Zhenmin, the Under-Secretary-General for the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, in a news conference said that two years after the pandemic, the economic vision in the world is dim at the beginning of 2022, he added. Creating employment has not overcome the losses and lack of employment is impacting youth and women. The shadowy economic prospect comes as a result of covid-19 expansion, supply issue, and high inflation rates in many parts of the globe, he emphasized.

2021 saw a recovery in economy, mainly attributed to consumer purchases, increase in investments exceeding the amount before the pandemic, the U.N. World Economic Situation and Prospects 2022 report suggested. However, growth rate in large economies, involving China, EU, and the U.S, dramatically speeded down at the end of 2021. The report also added that lack of workforce among developed countries is escalating supply chain issue and inflation, thereby weakening the economic growth in the majority of developing countries. 


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By Saha on January 14, 2022

United Calls off Flights as Crew's Covid Cases Grow

There has been a limit in the U.S. Airlines’ timetables since the end of 2021 due to spread of Omicron.

Following to a jump in sick leave of the crew, United Airlines is putting limits to its schedules, CEO Scott Kirby announced. Thousands of flights were canceled as a result of snow blizzard and an increase in the crew’s covid cases.

American JetBlue Airways was the first to reduce its timetable for January followed by Alaska Airlines. According to American Airlines, the reduction will go on this week with a jump in covid cases among the staff.

United airway is cutting down its near future timetables to ensure the health of customers, Kirby announced in his memo. However, there’s no report on the number of canceled flights.

United air carrier, with nearly 3,000 workers positive for the virus, has called off some flights, Kirby added. The number accounts for 4% of its U.S. personnel.

He also added at Newark Metropolitan Airport, in New Jersey, almost one-third of the employees took a sick leave within only one single day. He said no vaccinated workers of the airway, meaning over 96% of the personnel, are in hospitals.

December 31, United Airlines, Inc. tripled pilots pays for travels through January. Sick calls in pilots reached a record, the pilots’ union announced.

Southwest Airlines granted a bonus to pilots in January.

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By Saha on January 12, 2022


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