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AquaFuture Spain To Be Held in March

International aquaculture companies from around the world will soon meet at the Galician International Fair ABANCA, the largest exhibition park in northwestern Spain.

AquaFuture Spain, to be held from March 23 to 25, will be attended by 152 companies from 23 countries along with official institutions in aquaculture sector.

Technical conferences will be held alongside the exhibition. One conference, to be headed by Carmen Sarasquete, the Department of Biotechnology & Aquaculture, includes six seminars for individual attendees or livestreaming.

The themes of the conference are “Internationalization and financing and investment tools in aquaculture”, and Clusterization as an instrument for the competitive and sustainable development of aquaculture, which will both take place on March 23.

The themes for 24 March include "On the way to Aquaculture 4.0", "Optimizing the care of aquaculture species: functional and sustainable nutrition as a guarantee of health and well-being", "Perspectives in the production of the mollusk”, and “New trends and innovations for safe and sustainable aquaculture production”.

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By Saha on March 14, 2022

Caviar’s Sales Grow Amidst Pandemic

Following the pandemic in 2020, caviar producers apparently seemed to face a serious challenge as people had to stay in and many fancy restaurants were shot down.

The regulations set for the ports and transportation escalated the worries for producers of highly-priced roe of caviar.

However, the caviar industry was not much hit thanks to the people indulging online to enjoy the delicacy at home.

Maren Boe, Kontali analyst, believes that growth in online shopping has helped producers of caviar to increase their sales.

The ban of caviar sale in the Caspian Sea in 2006 due to overfishing didn’t stop fish producers from raising the fish eggs in the ponds so that the major source of caviar is now produced in pools.

With the unexpected growth of the fish, in 2019 the farmed caviar in the world was valued at $848m. In this line, an estimation by the European Union states that the caviar amount produced in the world reached 380 tons in the year 2018.

In 2021, US firm Sterling Caviar announced the sale volume was over 10%.

In the meantime, the entire stock of the UK’s Exmoor Caviar was bought up in 2020’s end.

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By Saha on January 7, 2022

Using Poisonous Chemicals to Preserve Fish

Food traders in Africa are applying poisonous chemicals to preserve the fish and meat. While these chemicals are a threat to human food chain, the governments have thoughtlessly overlooked the destructive effect of such toxic substances on humans. The departmental delegate of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA), Serge-Claire Nkolo, says fishers let toxic insecticides, like, Gamalin, into the water. This way, all sea life forms, including living animals and plants, are destroyed and come to the waters surface. This is a quite easy way to collect plenty of fish. An honest fishmonger confirms that some salespersons use excess fabric from tailors to burn and smoke the fish. Clément Polewa, a farm advisor in Douala, says that some hunters and butchers also use formalin, a preservative applied for dead bodies, to preserve the flesh of animals and keep it for a long time. The terrifying story is not over yet; some thoughtless Ethiopian farmers use a large amount of formalin as a way to preserve milk. This is while the US Environmental Protection Agency considers this product as a “probable human carcinogen”, proved to cause leukemia and nasal cavity cancers. Fishers and salespeople must be informed about dangers of using toxic preservatives before their practice becomes so popular in the fish industry. Samira H.
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By Samira Hassanzadeh on October 19, 2021

Where to Find a Reputable Wholesaler For Fresh King Fish

 Fortunately there are a few suppliers out there who really provide a good service, and have developed a reputation of being reliable.

How do you find these suppliers?

You could ask for recommendations, but why would someone recommend a supplier that they, themselves, don't have anything to do with? In fact, some suppliers will tell you they don't have anything to do with these suppliers because they don't need to as they are going to sell their own stuff! Unfortunately, you can't rely on any of this. I tried this method first, and after making quite a few calls, I came across a supplier who doesn't sell to Sports Direct at all, but offers a great selection of fresh king fish. But what about the other fish suppliers out there? There are a lot of them, and not all of them are "suppliers". Some of the fish suppliers will list in their website or on their Facebook page that they are wholesalers but may still sell directly to the high street fish shops and supermarkets. However, it's not always a good idea to buy directly from these types of suppliers. While they have a vast range of fish, there are two points to note: * The fish suppliers I've mentioned in this article are actually manufacturers and retailers, not distributors, so when you go to buy your fish from them, it won't come in a bucket, bin or box like it does with the fish suppliers I've mentioned earlier. There's no warranty, and usually no packaging either. * Even if you do manage to get your fish straight from the fish warehouse, you're going to get your fish from farmed fish. How is that even possible? It's legal to stock fish for sale straight from the fish storage tanks, but how can you know you're getting a fair deal?

Sell fresh fish directly

So, for the most part, the best route is to look for fish suppliers that do not sell directly to the high street. Not only that, but they are often known to have a large variety of fresh fish to choose from, which makes selecting the right fish much easier. The other thing to think about when it comes to fresh fish from wholesalers is whether or not they are going to offer you some form of guarantee. Unfortunately, most people who sell directly to the high street aren't going to have such a guarantee, because the retailers make sure to sell a lot of fish to the stores they supply. There are, however, some fish suppliers that will sell directly to the high street and can, therefore, offer you a more secure deal. These include a variety of supermarkets, which provide a guarantee, as well as major fish distributors such as Jardinière. So, there you have it, a few tips on where to look for a good supplier of fresh fish. As mentioned before, the best place to find fish wholesalers is not in the middle of the internet, but rather, in your local fish store, especially when you are looking for fish like King Mackerel. In fact, a reputable supplier will often offer great deals, as well as offering a guarantee, especially for customers that buy in bulk. This saves them time and money. But again, this will depend on your fish store and/or fish distributor, so be careful!

Name: Samira H. Revised Date: 23- 06-2020

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By Saha on October 19, 2021

Frozen Seafood - Seafood With No Fuss!

Raw frozen or cooked frozen seaweed is not something that you should put off eating. It is highly nutritious and very easy to prepare. When shopping for frozen seaweed supplies, make sure you ask for both raw and cooked. Since it is rare that you will find a retailer that only carries frozen, cooked items, you may be in for a surprise. Frozen raw and cooked seaweed are two completely different products that should not be confused with each other. Frozen seaweed will be the same texture as fresh. It should not be sticky or have any crunch to it. The texture of cooked frozen seaweed should be soft and crumbly. The flavor should also be present, but at a much lower level than in frozen raw seaweed. Just because the manufacturer's product is frozen does not mean that it is free of the ingredients, colors, or flavors it was packaged with. While frozen and cooked are different things, they are still separate from each other. This is why many people are left wondering if the "frozen" part of the product really means that it has been cooked or processed completely. On the other hand, Raw frozen seaweed is an entirely different product. This is not the same thing as the term "raw" used to describe the dried ones sold in grocery stores and on the internet. When referring to frozen raw seaweed, the term should actually be "raw frozen." In order to ensure the safety of your food, you should choose only certified suppliers when purchasing frozen raw or cooked seaweed. There are many quality companies out there who do not meet these stringent standards. So, it is up to you to choose from a group of reputable and carefully-monitored companies who do. When the next time you are going to buy some seaweed, remember that this information will be a major help. No one likes to eat something that is tainted or just doesn't taste right.

Buy good-quality frozen raw

Buying good-quality frozen raw or cooked seaweed from quality suppliers ensures you that you are getting the healthiest products available. You can feel confident that you are using the freshest source of nutrition and cutting back on the amount of unhealthy additives that are usually present in store-bought foods. Choosing to purchase quality frozen raw or cooked seaweed from a supplier who knows what they are doing will ensure you that you are purchasing your groceries from the best. Look for suppliers who are family-owned and operated and adhere to the same high standards as they do their products. It is also wise to look for companies that manufacture all of their products in-house. If you live in Canada, don't forget to make a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. Here they sell products directly from their own production facility, where they make sure to use only the highest-quality ingredients in their own production process.

Choose the right supplier

There are many good suppliers who specialize in frozen products, but you have to be careful who you choose. Selecting one that practices some kind of a waste management plan such as biodegradable bags or recyclable packaging can also help you avoid environmental issues. Now that you know what to look for, it is up to you to make the choice. Remember that a great source of nutrition is a good source of happiness.

Name: Samira H. Revised Date: 23- 06-2020

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By Saha on October 19, 2021

How to Choose and Order Fresh Grunion Fish

Do you know how to choose and order fresh grouper fish? Many anglers think that because they know the name of a shop or fishery, they can just order fish from them for any purpose, but many fresh grouper fish suppliers actually make their own fillets and sell it separately. If you are wanting to select a shop or fishery to purchase your grouper, there are some steps you will want to take in order to make sure you get the freshest, highest quality fish possible. This is important, because the food you serve to your family can affect their health. First, if you are choosing to go to a restaurant, it is important to ask if the chefs are using a different type of water than the rest of the restaurant. Fresh water is the best way to ensure you have all of the essential nutrients that your fish requires. Secondly, you want to know that the fish are truly frozen. Most of the seafood that you find in stores is still kept in ice while being transported from the boat to the kitchen. If the fish are chilled, they will be of a higher quality than fresh. If you want to know how to choose and order fresh grouper fish, the first thing you need to know is the style of fish you are looking for. This is different for each family and is based on what you like to eat, your budget, and what you would prefer. Are you wanting to have large fillets that can be sliced or are you looking for small fillets. For larger fish, it is easier to cut them so you get the largest quantity of fish for your money. Smaller fish are usually easier to fillet, which can help save you money in the long run. Another factor to consider is what you are going to be cooking with it. Is it going to be done as part of a main course or a side dish? Because these styles are different, the fresh fish you find will vary, so if you want to make sure you have the best taste possible, it is important to know what you are looking for. Something else to think about is that you can also look at places that will allow you to try a new flavor experience. Because some people do not like the taste of certain fish, the store can be great to buy your fish from. It is also important to know how to order and how to choose fresh grouper fish because it is in the store that you get to see and touch the fish. When you take it home, you cannot really put it into your mouth, so you want to be sure you are getting fresh fish. A third factor to consider is where the fish are being sourced from. Some areas may be more expensive than others, but you do not want to be caught in a situation where you have to get fish that is not of the highest quality. Finally, knowing how to order and choose the right fish is important if you are not willing to compromise on taste. When you order your fish from a seafood supply company, you can taste it, smell it, and smell it again. When you are ordering your fish online, you will be only seeing pictures and tasting one piece of fish. You want to get the freshest fish possible.
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By Ali etc on October 19, 2021

Where To Buy Other Fresh Or Chilled Seafood

Do you want to buy from a supermarket or do you want to go with another provider? How about how the seafood is harvested? Health benefits of fish  Seafood contains protein, vitamin D, selenium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acid. For its unique health benefits, the fish is recommended to people of any age. They help lower blood pressure and reduce heart attack risk. They also increase good cholesterol level. Appearances Count! Go only for fresh seafood! Appearance of the fish is going to reveal a lot about its freshness. The things you should consider when buying fish include bright, clear eyes, and shiny, bright, non-slimy skin. Pink or light red gills also help you find fresh fish. One thing which shouldn’t be left out is the smell; it should be fresh and mild. If you prefer frozen seafood for some reason, check if the packaging is sound and clean. Any damage might be a sign of contamination. Also, if you are into shellfish including crab, shrimp, oyster or cockle, go to reliable sources to get your fish from; fishmongers might offer you some products carried on trucks with no refrigerator or freezing equipment. Shipper tags should be attached to all fish products. Roadside stands are no good places for purchasing your fish food in bulk. Where to buy seafood from Let's say that you are an avid seafood eater and enjoy going to the supermarket in search of some fresh seafood. If you know where to go, you can actually get the freshest fresh seafood. You can buy from the fishmonger that provides fresh water fish from this particular location. If you want something a little bit more exotic, you could find a wholesale seafood supplier in your area. A great place to do this is to go online and browse through the Internet. You will get a variety of fish and seafood suppliers from different locations. Once you find the right supplier for the seafood you are interested in, you will then make your purchase. You can also send an email to the supplier to see if they would like to talk to you and arrange an appointment to check out their fish. If you do not get a response back to your inquiry, it is probably not the right supplier for you. If you are purchasing live fish from the wholesaler, you will need to make sure that the person you are dealing with is a licensed retailer, which means that they are allowed to carry live fish from the wholesaler. You will also need to make sure that they have the proper permits for carrying live fish. The person you are dealing with should be able to provide you with all the information about the fish that you are buying, including information about the location and species of the fish you are purchasing, the price, the weight of the fish and any additional information that you may need to know. Some suppliers even allow you to choose the type of salmon fillets that you are purchasing. This is really helpful because you will always have the choice of which fish you prefer. Another reason to prefer to use one of the wholesalers that provide other fresh or chilled seafood is because they have a reputation for selling quality fish products. They will have a list of wholesalers who they are satisfied with and they will provide a great service to their customers. One of the other things that the wholesaler should offer you is a three-year guarantee for their products. This means that should the wholesaler to deliver a product that was supposed to be delivered, you will get your money back. Following are the places where you can find chilled seafood suppliers online:

  • Frozen Seafood Suppliers
  • Fish Suppliers Suppliers
  • Fresh or Chilled Seafood Suppliers
  • Canned Seafood Suppliers
  • Frozen Tuna Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Abalone Suppliers
  • Frozen Anchovy Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Barracuda Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Basa Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Carp Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Catfish Suppliers
  • Frozen Clams Suppliers
  • Frozen Crabs Suppliers
  • Frozen Crayfish Suppliers
  • Frozen Croaker Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Cuttlefish Suppliers
  • Frozen Eel Suppliers
  • Frozen Emperor Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Fish Eggs Suppliers
  • Frozen Fish Fillets Suppliers
  • Frozen Grouper Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Hake Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Hilsa Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Katla Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen King Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Lobsters Suppliers
  • Frozen Mackerel Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Mahi Mahi Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Mullet Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Octopus Suppliers
  • Frozen Oysters Suppliers
  • Frozen Pomfret Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Prawns Suppliers
  • Frozen Ribbon Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Rohu Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Sail Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Salmon Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Sardine Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Scallops Suppliers
  • Frozen Sea Cucumber Suppliers
  • Frozen Seafood Suppliers
  • Frozen Seashells Suppliers
  • Frozen Seaweed Suppliers
  • Frozen Seer Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Shark Fins Suppliers
  • Frozen Shellfish Suppliers
  • Frozen Shrimps Suppliers
  • Frozen Snails Suppliers
  • Frozen Snapper Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Sole Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Squid Suppliers
  • Frozen Sword Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Tilapia Fish Suppliers
  • Frozen Trout Fish Suppliers

  Ali J

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By Saha on October 19, 2021


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