Beyond Partnership with Canadian Pizza Hut

The Canadian-based Pizza Hut Restaurant will add vegan sausages from the Beyond Meat company to its menus as of Monday. Almost a year ago, Yum! Brands, the American fast-food corporation, reported a partnership with Beyond Meat to provide Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut with unique meat alternatives.

The day marks the official inauguration of KFC Beyond Fried Chicken in America as well.

The collaboration will hopefully draw fast food lovers, neither interested in eating meat nor in rigid vegan diets. Beyond Meat is, thus, trying to attract new customers.

Last summer, Pizza Hut places in Edmonton and Toronto tried Beyond’s Italian sausage crumbles.

Canada, with over 450 Pizza Hut places, is the second country to permanently add a Beyond Meat product to the menus preceded by the U.K. market in last July. In this line, Pizza Hut has tested vegan pepperoni in five cities in the United States; however, no launch has been reported throughout the whole country as of now.

The customers in Canada can use Meat-free (vegan) sausage crumbles on top of any pizza. The crumbles can also be consumed in alfredo pasta and flatbread pizza. To create the taste and feel of sausage, pea protein has been used by Beyond.

Beyond’s stock stumbled 42% within the last 12 months, bringing down the market value by $4.34 billion. Despite attracting investors, Wall Street’s concern over KFC’s long-term success and competitiveness is still continuing. Last quarter, the company gained weak results. That’s why analysts are more eager for a partnership between Beyond and McDonald’s.

The stock of Yum! Brand has jumped 26% across the same period; its market value is almost nine times higher compared to Beyond’s.

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