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Alietc B2B marketplace that successfully brings buyers, suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world, together in one dynamic platform.

Alietc is different from other well-known digital marketplaces such as Alibaba, Amazon, Taobao, primarily because it has identified the shortcomings of all those platforms and avoided making the same mistakes.

Alietc’s greatest advantage is that is does not charge a fee on transactions, so buyers, suppliers and manufacturers can concentrate on a genuine bottom line without worrying about commission payments.

Instead of charging a commission at the end of a transaction, Alietc charges a nominal fee to either list products or to register to make an offer on products that are for sale.

There are two reasons for these fees. Firstly, it ensures that those who list or make an offer for products are genuine about doing business. Second, we want to keep costs for users of the platform to a minimum. As an example, compare our pricing packages to those of Amazon who, on average, charge approximately 13% of a sale price. We don’t want fees to be a hurdle or prohibitive when it comes to doing deals, we want them to be an incentive!

Alietc doesn’t just provide the platform and leave you, the user, to do all the hard work. Alietc actively works to bring people like yourself to the platform, through extensive use of SEO for all listed products. Alietc is a dynamic platform purely and simply because it attracts users who are seriously committed to doing good business and establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

We also mentioned that this is an ‘interactive’ marketplace. This means that we are creating a community of businesses where good communication is key to success. That communication not only involves doing great deals, but also leaving feedback for all to see. The incentive for manufacturers and suppliers is to build up a stellar reputation for quality and reliability, while for buyers the target should be to conclude deals professionally and swiftly, with the minimum of disruption.

One B2B DIGITAL Marketplace, 105 Different Languages
The constant evolution of technology and its various advantages has enabled ALIETC to operate through 105 network websites with 105 different languages, including Chinese, German, Arabic, and French.
The idea behind this multi-lingual multinational approach is to make purchasing and product browsing so much easier and efficient for everyone, whatever your nationality.

When a supplier posts a product, its description will be automatically translated into 105 different languages, on 105 individual websites.
This instant, automated process will result in attracting more and more customers from various countries across the world, thus paving the way for the success off a highly successful marketplace which focuses on the important of reaching out to a multinational user base.

You can discover the full benefits of Alietc here:

From clothes to ceramics, furniture to footballs, electronics to everything else, whatever you are manufacturing, the key to the success of your business is gaining access to genuine, willing and able buyers of your products.
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Whether you deal in manufactured goods or raw materials, joining the Alietc digital marketplace can only be good for business. Whether you trade in consumer goods such as toys, clothing or kitchenware, or deal in raw materials such as bauxite and potash, through to fabrics and plastics.

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If you are looking to purchase products, then you have definitely come to the right place. Alietc is a veritable “Aladdin’s Cave” of just about every imaginable product or raw material you could imagine, and many that you may not have even known existed.

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