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Artigiano in Fiera Trade Fair, Italy, December 3-11

By Samira Ha. on December 3, 2022

If you are a crafts enthusiast, then Artigiano in Fiera, which is a massive crafts exhibition across the world, is a worthwhile place to hit. 

A one-of-a-kind exhibition to trade global handmade crafts, Italian Artigiano in Fiera aims to bring visitors and crafts lovers from around the world to view crafts from handcrafters and praise their admirable works.

Dedicated to topics like health, fitness and well-being, arts and crafts and natural use of fabrics, the prominent event provides exhibitors with numerous opportunities to present their products to the global market and promote their local business. They will have the opportunity to offer their valuable goods and share their respectable local culture and traditions.

Exhibitors include professional enterprises and small businesses that can offer their authentic, high-quality products. Unique, original products, without any copying, will fascinate both young or old viewers. Here local traditions and customs are skillfully intermingled with innovations, characterized by evolved primary materials and huge respect for nature and environment.

Supported by a million members, who have signed up online, Artigiano in Fiera aims to expand its relationships with global-based craftsmen.Visitors can have fun attending music and dance performances, and wine and dine in international food places. Furthermore, an amazing part of the show is shopping gifts for Christmas, an enjoyable activity you will always remember.  

The show is also active online; 20,000 products are offered for online sale with over 3,000 companies introducing their products. 

The Milan-quartered exhibition starts on December 3rd and ends on 11th.

For further detailed information, visit the site.

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Furniture China, Shanghai, 2022. 23-26 November

By Samira Ha. on November 25, 2022

China International Furniture Expo -also called Furniture China- started its work back in 1993. It was co-organized by China National Furniture Association and Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. 

The expo has been in place on 26 occasions in Shanghai since that year. More than 100,000 participants take part in the event each year. 

The well-renowned exhibition has allowed China to expand in its furniture industry and help other countries to get a chance to showcase their products. With an evolution from a B2B offline trade venue to B2B2P2C online and offline combination full-link event, the popular exhibition has turned into an original global furnishing display.

Exhibitors present their furniture products to visitors in developed as well as emerging markets in the world. They will have the opportunity to introduce their brands, see the state-of-the-art furniture, meet with professionals in the industry and exchange their expertise in this huge event. Manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of furnishing items will find numerous opportunities to make deals and increase their chance of growing in the profitable business. 

Exhibits are in categories like iRest, Brighthome, Jiangmen Medyls Imp. & Exp., NS Furniture, Qingdao Zerun Woodwork, and SHANGYI furniture. Organized by the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai, the show offers categories in contemporary furniture, classical furniture of Europe, upholstery, classical furniture of China, outdoor and indoor furniture, children and office furniture.

The ongoing trade show in China ends its work on November 26. 

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FHC Trade Show, Nov. 20, 2022

By Samira Ha. on November 19, 2022

Food & Hotel China (FHC) trade show, one of the prominent exhibitions in food industry, opens up on November 20, 2022. To be held at Shanghai - Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) - the big exhibition revolves around fruits and vegetables, frozen food products, nuts, organic food items, handling and storing foods, transport and logistics. 

The categories in the show specifically cover a wide-ranging of areas from meat and seafood to coffee, tea, sweets and snacks, beverages, catering, dairy products, children’s foods, and design and packaging. 

Welcoming national and international professionals, suppliers, importers and distributers in food market, the 3-day fair show provides an appropriate platform for all visitors to see global food suppliers and manufacturers and unite with them to expand their relationship in a world level. 

They will take advantage of the show to find new partners in food and hospitality industry and improve their own business. 

Regarded as a trade fair on food and hotels, FHC China also presents products and services in catering, hotel equipment, and hospitality services. 

On the sidelines of the event conferences will be held on topics such as food products manufacturing, wine industry, and food markets, which will inform audiences about the updated developments in the field. 

In 2021, the big exhibition, at an area of 200,000 square meters, received 87,025 visitors and 2,829 exhibitors from around the world. 

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Saudi Build International Exhibition November 14-17

By Samira Ha. on November 15, 2022

Saudi Build international exhibition opened on November 14th will go on till November 17th. The annual trade fair is held in Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center.

The huge event features construction and building technologies. 

One of its kind in Saudi Arabia, the exhibition presents the latest building products and equipment from around the world. Along with Saudi Stone fair, the exhibition covers a variety of topics in construction field including building machines, building materials and services. 

Stone Fair also offers products involving bricks and briquettes, marbles and natural stones, onyx and sandstones, mosaic tiles, quarry equipment, surface finishing equipment, and stones used for interior and exterior structural purposes. 

Over 520 exhibitors showcase their construction products to professional visitors and construction engineers. 

The cutting-edge platform, at over 18,000 square-meter, receives more than 23,900 visitors from 34 countries. 

The 32nd Saudi Build also holds workshops: Wednesday, 16 November: workshops are held in categories of “Structural Tensile Design, How TO Produce Umbrella Fabrics, and How TO Install and Tighten the Awnings”.

Aimed at bringing together construction suppliers, manufacturers and professionals, the 3-day exhibition is organized by Riyadh Exhibitions Company Ltd. (REC)

Park places are available free of charge. 

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